6 Useful Tips after the First Date with BBW Singles

The first date can go a long way to determine what happens afterward between you and your BBW crush. It is good to start on the right footing, which can determine if you guys will ever meet again. Many guys do not like the idea of dating big beautiful women, but you two can hit it off during the date, and you may even end up in bed and spend the entire night together. Be that as it may, a lot need to be done after the first BBW dating, and the actions you take now can determine if you the two of you will ever have a second date or not. In this write-up, you will be intimated on several useful tips after your first date. Maybe he was amazing, and all, but the things you do after the first date can determine what happens next.

When to ask for a second date

If you already like this lady and you will want the two of you to see each other more often, then you can ask her immediately after the first date if she would like to hang out with you some other time. You are the man, and you are supposed to be the one to ask her for a second date. Asking her for a second date will turn her on even more. She will see you as bold and daring, which are characteristics that many ladies love in men. You can also make the idea of hanging out with you next time a more interesting idea if you could pick out one or two things she likes and find a way to introduce them while asking her about it. She should take the cue without delay and respond as you desire. This way, the two of you will have something to which to look forward.

A text will be appropriate

After the first date, never forget to send her a text message. Tell her that you had a nice time and enjoyed her presence. One thing about very large ladies is that they appreciate such simple things, which may look like nothing to you. But if you would like the two of you to meet again, then you should send her a message after the first date, and she will be more disposed to meeting you at a later time for another date. BBW ladies fall in love easily when they are given a simple show of affection this way. Instead of sending her a text message, you can also give her a call it is not safe to wait until the next day before calling her. So, you should never make that mistake.

Not yet time for sex

Not all BBW will be disposed to sex at first date. Some may not even like the idea of a second date. Therefore, it is not in your best interest to bring up the idea yet. It is safer to keep that out of your mind and out of the picture pending the time the two of you will be completely comfortable with the idea. Be that as it may, the issue of sex can come on if she makes an indication that she would like to have sex with you. If she indicates her desire for sex, then it will be ok to give in. You need to know the danger of turning her down if she indicates her interested in sex. You may break the heart of BBW singles and make them dislike you if you deny them of sex when they ask for it. But if she does not ask for it, do not force it on her until the time is right. Make sure you always respect her opinion on this issue because she is the one with the weaker heart.

Keep it fun, keep it positive

While the two of you are together during the first date, make sure you keep your discussions positive and fun. This should also be the case even after the first date. Whenever you are calling her or texting her after the first date, keep it fun. Add some touches of fun to your texts, and she will be more disposed to make another date with you. While keeping it fun, never make the mistake of insulting her or making her feel uncomfortable. While keeping it simple, also remember to be specific in addressing her so that she does not read wrong meanings to your text messages. You must keep in mind that she will not be perfect during the first date. Be that as it may, you must never pay attention to her limitations. Instead, pay more attention to the positive side of things. Focusing on her good sides will help you build a very strong relationship with this BBW cupid you are dating. There is no better way to make her love you better than this.

Listen to her

While on the first date, make sure you pay attention to her all through. When you speak with her on the phone after the first date, make sure you do not interrupt her when she speaks. Rather, pay her very good attention and listen to what she has to say. Allow her to finish speaking before interrupting and this will go a long way. Listening to her will enable you to make the right response to her words, which she will appreciate a great deal. Women love to talk a lot. She will appreciate you for it if you can be patient enough to listen to her and only respond when she finishes speaking. While she is talking during or after the first BBW dating, it is not necessary to give her any response; she may only want you to listen and not talk. Just sit down quietly and listen to all she has to say; maybe all she needs at that time are your listening ears and not your advice or words. Allow her to pour her heart out, and she will love you even more for being patient enough to listen to her.

Avoid checking out other girls

One of the problems with many men is that they check out other girls while they are out with their dates. This is very wrong, and the BBW you are with will take it badly, which is a normal response. Whenever you find yourself with her, either during or after the first date, never allow your eyes to stray for any reason whatsoever. Keep your eyes on her all through the time you are with her, and she will appreciate it a great deal. If you allow your eyes to stray to other women while you are with her, she may never be willing to go out on a date with you anymore.
Also, never forget to compliment her mind and her looks while with her. Very large ladies and virtually all ladies for that matter appreciate being complimented this way. You must keep it in mind that she dressed beautifully at that particular moment just to please you; it, therefore, behooves you to appreciate her looks and do not be stingy with compliments. These are things you need to do so as to keep her interested in you at all times.