Finding your BBW in Australia

Having a big body can be a shame to other people. But not all of them don’t want a big body. Some of the people want to have a big woman as their partner. Being sexually attracted to an overweight or obese people is called Fat Fetishism. In a study that is conducted in the year 2009, they found out that male fat admirers most likely to have females that are overweight.

The name “Big Beautiful Woman” was first used by Carole Shaw in the year 1979. Carole Shaw used this term when she made a BBW magazine. The magazine is composed of articles about fashion and the lifestyle of big women or plus sized women. The trend of being a big beautiful woman is now a thing for this generation and this moment breaks the sociocultural norms of attractiveness that we have for so long. Having a big body is not a flaw for the girls nowadays. The term Big Beautiful Women can be seen in the history of the Rubenesque in the world of art.

Most of the woman growing up believing that finding love requires to have a slim body. Most of the woman in the history knows that being sexy is being fit. Some people use the power of science just to fit in the box. But they are still degraded because of their fat past. There is a number of people who trade their belongings even in their house just to have enough money to undergo surgery to have a slim body. It is really sick to hear other people giving you names because of your body. And it is really hurtful when others say that the body you are in is not loveable by all.

But there are also people who love fat people. Some labeled the like they have for those fat people. They called in fat fetish. The problem in the “fat fetish” or in “BBW fetish” is that they think that the word is a bad word. Generally, the word fetish or fetishism is not a bad word at all. People tend to think that way because nowadays tons of people use the word fetish for a sexual preference. They are using the word to give a label or name to the sexual and kinks that the community cannot categorize.

There are many big beautiful women you can find around the globe and each country has their own different type of BBW. Tons of BBW can be found in Australia, and if you are looking for one there are different types of way to find your BBW in the country of Australia. This different method can also be used in different countries but you should make sure to know their different culture for you to be successful in finding one for yourself.

You can pick from the two major types of finding a BBW in Australia. You can find using the traditional way or by the modern way, but you can also do both to have a fast procedure in looking for your BBW cuddle partner.

– Traditional Way of Finding Your BBW in Australia

The traditional way is the most common and seen way of finding for a date. Some people tend to go out at night, joining different types of people in bars or clubs. Some just stick by the power of their friends, going out with their friend and if they found someone attracted they will go hit on their target person and uses their friends as backup. The traditional way has more possibility of having a failed night, but not all of them. Some are lucky to have someone stay with them and be interested in them that can lead to deeper friendship and even long-term type of relationships. This one will take you a long time compared to just doing the modern thing, but some really want to stay classic and sleek as possible.

– Modern Way of Finding Your BBW in Australia

The modern way is with the help of the internet. you can easily start off by looking for dating websites, you can filter your search result by defining what is your main target as a partner. There are tons of dating site where you can find a different type of person, of different size and color. You can also find some sites that are locally based like for example those sites that are locally based in Australia. This site can offer you to have a partner within just one day, but it still needs you to create a great profile and smooth way to talk and chat to those BBWs that you are highly interested with.

The generation that we have now is different from the last generation. Nowadays, many men love those big beautiful women. Now you can find many dating platforms that are exclusively made for the big beautiful women and those sites advertise BBW meetups and events. You can see different types of BBW on those sites and just like other dating sites, there are also creepers in those BBW dating sites. But you can also find a fine BBW for yourself on those sites. There are also different websites that show BBW appreciation.

There are tons of dating sites where you can find a category for those BBW. There are different tastes when it comes to picking your BBW in dating sites specifically when you are in Australia. You can pick from thousands of Big Beautiful Woman who are waiting for their man who will spice up their life, night and day. These are the top 10 dating sites where you can find your BBW in Australia.


The is one of the most fast-growing BBW dating sites. If you are attracted and loves BBW Swingers or you just like to try Aussie BBW, make sure to visit this page because this has tons of great BBW who are waiting to someone to knock them up. The BBW Swinger is created to suffice your needs and wants about BBW, made to give you a very one of a kind relationship that is greatly accepted and appreciated in our modern day now. This site is also one of the best sites you can visit when it comes to searching for your BBW sex date, a way more efficient than looking for your partner in your neighborhood.


The different dating site that is specifically made for those plus size beautiful women is been surprisingly climbing the wall of fame. It is now prominent around the world, especially in Australia. This site called BBW Romance was generally made to encourage men the idea about true love and how mysterious it could be finding it. This site offers you to use the traditional way of finding your BBW lover, with the old method meeting up with someone and having a date with that someone. Aside from those curious cats who want to try a love from a BBW, this site is also great for those who are losing their hope for finding their own BBW lover.


Using this BBW dating site, you can find all sorts of BBW whom you can spend some time meeting them, having a chat and conversation with them. You can start talking and asking them about the basic things and information to a personal and romantic way of questions. The is a completely free dating site for your BBW kind of taste. You can see BBW Melbourne, BBW Perth, BBW Brisbane, and even your dream Aussie BBWs. Completely designed for those large sized women whose looking for love and for those admirers of their unique type of body.


There are different sites for your different wants when it comes to looking for someone you can date with. This site has a mission to create the most positive ambiance for those people who are looking for their special BBW lover. With a very smooth and sleek website look, you can find enough confidence to run around the site and talk with every people you can look up within it. This has been acknowledged by the CNN and The New York Times and been working great since the year of 2001. It is completely free to join and create your perfect profile even though you don’t have any money at your account right now.


The Chubby Bunnie is a site that specializes their methods on helping big beautiful women and big handsome men to find the perfect someone for them. They offer their subscribers to gain partnership, long-term romantic relationship, friendship, and even marriage. An outstanding dating website that is available in different countries, even used by thousands of people who wants to mingle in Australia. A place where those plus sized gorgeous woman does not have to be shy and uncomfortable with the body they are in, without anybody giving them names and teasing them for their plus-sized beauty. Admirers of BBW are also welcome to join and find their dream BBW in the Chubby Bunnie dating site.


This one is one of the easiest sites that you will see in the dating category. A specialist in finding the BBW that you wanting to have. This was first launched in the year 2001, and its name roam around the globe and now it is known as one of the greatest sites to find you a BBW in Australia and other countries. It developed its program through the year to come up with their very accurate, trustworthy and safe dating site for those BBWs and their admirers. They maintain the minimal type of appearance for their site to easily load even you have a low internet connection. A very useful site to create conversation and meetups for those admirers of the BBW community and the BBWs itself. Has a good and sleek design, offering their subscribers to create a great and awesome profile, where they can upload up to 26 photos of themselves to create more impact.


This BBW dating site is not just a website, it is also an application that can be downloaded in your smartphones and tablets. The Curvy claimed that they are the best BBW dating application and the best catch of it is the application is free to download. You might think that it is a curse having a bad body but the truth is being a big beautiful woman is a blessing in disguise. This application offers all its subscriber to be confident and feels attractive and sexy, they are also offering a great service for those BBW admirers. They inspire the members of their site to be a part of the sexual fantasies of guys that are all in and loves a big beautiful woman. They update their database every single day of the year to ensure the greatness of surfing their site and also to keep their files safe and secured. The Curvy also promotes different surprises for those BBW admirers that are roaming around their site.

Like other girls that you can meet everywhere, the BBWs in Australia are looking for casual sex. Some admit that they are lacking casual sex and not having their target regular sex before, but now they can be found in different sites and the tables turned for them.

Nowadays, there are a lot of men that are not interested in those women who do not have a flat stomach and toned body, but you can also observe that there are also men who love and adorn the plus sized women. And if you are one of them being inside a website that is exclusively used by the BBWs. This way the possibility of having a long-term relationship or a romantic relationship is high. This is also the most efficient and effective way of finding a BBW in Australia.