Plus Size Dating Advice for Women – Some Tips and More

Some plus-size women say that they have not gone on a date for years. Some of them feel like they are not as confident as they want to be to start dating. There are some women who feel that their size is their way to exploit themselves. Women who are insecure will probably have a harder time dating. Even if their dates find them attractive, they would come up with ways to feel sad. The time will come when their dates will grow tired of their woes.

All of the things that society is teaching people can be enough to make a lot of plus sized women feel that they do not belong in the world of dating. They do not want to upload a real photo of themselves in fear that they will get judged, There are some things that they should remember so that they can feel better about themselves and dating:

  • They should have confidence that they will find someone who will love them no matter what their size is.
  • They should show who they truly are.
  • Having a vision of what they want will truly help them out.

If you are a plus size woman who would like to date, you now have the chance to get to know different dating tips that will help you feel more confident about meeting new people.

Be Willing to Take Risks

How will you know what will happen if you are not willing to try? Some of the things that you will try will cause rejection but this is all part of the dating game. If you have never tried using a dating app before, now is the time that you should check it out. Who knows? You might match with someone who will genuinely like you for who you are. Check out some dating tips that will help you know what to do in certain situations.

If you are attracted to someone, approach that someone and get to know the person better. If you get rejected, then this is okay. People are bound to be rejected from time to time. Getting rejected is better as compared to trying to think about the “what should have been” and “what could have been.”

Do Not Settle for Just Someone Who is Around

You cannot force yourself to like someone just because that person likes you. There will always be other people who will find plus-size girls attractive. You might meet a few people who would like to get to know you better. If you are not interested, then do not flirt back. Let them know that you are flattered but you would like to go for someone that you actually like.

Based on experience, the fact that you know who you want can make you even more desirable. Your size should not stop you from going after your goals. Do not settle for the first person who will show his interest in you. You are beautiful and you are bound to find someone who will be mutually attracted to you.

You need to remember that dating is always going to be hard for everyone. It does not matter what your current size is. Everyone is going to go through some issues. Your size is not going to make any difference with the type of love that you will get from someone else. A guy is always bound to hurt someone no matter what your current size is.

Be Confident About the Type of Relationship You Can Offer

You need to know ahead of time what type of relationship you can offer to the men that you will meet. It will be impossible to know what people want based on a photo alone. Are you going to be someone who will just play around? You are bound to meet someone who will also play around. Are you searching for a long and lasting relationship? Be clear about this so that men will know if they should also take you seriously.

Do not allow guys and girls to treat you badly because of your size. You should be aware of the type of relationship that you want to have. You deserve to get the care that you will also give back. If a man would not be able to satisfy you emotionally, then do not settle for that man. There are a lot more men who would be able to see your value and will consider you an asset. Your friends may set you up on a date with other men but there is no guarantee that those dates would work.

Recognise Being Desired from Being Fetished

This is one of the things that plus size women would need to deal with. There are instances when they feel that they are not actually liked for who they are but only because of their size. For example, there are some predators who would search for pictures online. They would like to meet up with you and only watch you eat. If a guy seems like a predator, then do not meet the person anymore.

Some men would go on a few dates with you before you realize that they do not really desire you. Rather, they just like you because of your size and not for you. You would like to be with someone who is attracted to you and would honestly want to be with you for you. If the person is only trying to be with you in order to satisfy his fetish, then you should distance yourself away from the person. You can get advice about this from other girls who have also experienced this.

Date for Fun

There will be days when you do not have to date in order to find love. There will be days when you can just date so that you will have a lot of fun. The best way to do do this is to go to a place wherein you feel most comfortable. You can go to a bookstore if you feel the most comfortable inside this place because you love to read. There are some men that you will meet there. A lot of the men that you will meet are also dating for fun but who knows, you may just find some men who are dating to find someone that they can seriously love whether you have a plus size body type of not.

The thing is that you do not have to take things seriously. You need to know the fun and enjoyment of dating. The more that you do this, the better that you will begin to feel more comfortable and confident about dating. You can talk to more people with ease. The more that you become better at dating, the more that people will be able to look beyond your size especially if this is something that you used to front all the time. They can see how beautiful you truly are. You can make this your chance to show off your charms, your sense of humour and all of the assets that you may have.

Always Represent Who You Truly Are

There are a lot of women who try their best to make themselves look thinner in their profiles in online dating websites. They upload photos that will make them look thinner than they actually are. Most women will be able to make themselves look skinny through Photoshop. They would post selfies and would try to steer clear from using full body shots. By the time that they would meet up with the guys that they have met through the online dating website, most of them would get rejected. Set standards on how you would like men to treat you.

Most of the men would assume that they are meeting other women. When you are not true to who you actually are and you try to make yourself look skinny, men would have the excuse to make a rejection. You can add flattering shots to your profile but try to show who you actually are through your photos. You are bound to find a few men who will actually find you attractive for you.

Do Not Overuse Your Weight

It will be easy to make everything about your appearance especially if experience taught you that this can get attention. You may say that you feel that you could be more attractive if only you would become slimmer. You need to remember that some of the men that you are chatting with or those who are willing to date you would like to pursue you because you are you. If you feel good about yourself, you can show off your great personality. Show people that you are confident and before long, people would even forget that you are overweight. Remember that people will not make a big deal out of your weight unless you do.

Accentuate Your Best Feature

One of the mistakes that women make is hiding their figure behind some clothes that are not flattering at all. You will have the choice to cover up your body but if you are confident and you would like to show some skin, no one is stopping you from doing so. There are a lot of available stores that will offer clothes that are for plus-size women. The more that you have love and accepted your body, the easier it will be for you to dress up for your body type. Take a look at some fashion tips that other people may also give.

You can also make some changes that will make you feel more beautiful. For example, you may want to change your hairstyle or even change the shoes that you normally wear. These small changes will make a huge difference with how you feel about your body and your self in general.

Learn to Invest in Yourself

This is related to the tip that are mentioned above. If you would like to accentuate your best feature, you may need to know how you can invest in yourself. For example, you would like to show your sense of humour. You need to surround yourself with positive people who will make you see the good things in all of the things that you are going through. They may give some helpful tips that you can read too. If you feel that you have wonderful hair, then you can spend more money in making your hair look good. You can set your hair, curl it, and generally make it feel better. The efforts that you will place in yourself will definitely be obvious. Take a photo after and share it with the rest of the world.


If there is one thing that you should remember, it is this: it is confidence that will make a huge difference with how successful your first meet up with the person that you have met online is going to be. If you would show that you are insecure or that you are unhappy with your weight, they will pick up on it. People do not want to be with those who are feeling insecure about their body. There are also other women who will talk about their experience in the dating scene. Learn more from them and you are bound to become better at dating. Hopefully, dating tips will be able to help you out.

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